ECCo Chicago Region News

August 15th, 2012
Field Museum staff lend their expertise to support conservation efforts in Northwestern Illinois
March 02nd, 2012
A monthly feature that counts it all up
February 24th, 2012
Inspired by the Abbott Hall of Conservation Restoring Earth exhibit? Learn how you (and your family!) can get involved in local conservation.
February 08th, 2012
Calumet Outdoors Series provides monthly free and unexpected opportunities to explore the rich beauty of the region.
February 05th, 2012
Images from Restoring Earth saved from the cutting room floor
October 31st, 2011
The Field Museum has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Chicago, University of Notre Dame, and The Nature Conservancy to collaborate in developing a Climate-Ready Checklist...
September 29th, 2011
 ECCo’s Calumet conservation work in Northwest Indiana is bearing fruit with an influential new report on the future of the national park
July 13th, 2011
Project: Transforming a vacant lot into a climate-friendly community garden where children can play 
July 13th, 2011
Project: "From Steel to Green, Pollution to Solution": curating a cummunity featuring local green practices, stories, and artifacts. Outreach strategy for the South Chicago Retrofit Project. 
July 13th, 2011
Project: Engaging homeowners in sustainable landscaping and gardening practices